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Staying on track! Why a grooming schedule matters

I'm sure you've heard it every time you bring your pet to the groomer, at the end of each grooming session it's very likely your groomer either asks to schedule the next groom, or if you decline, tells you when you should come back.

Why is it so important to stay on that schedule? What is the importance of prebooking?

Here's some of the most important reasons!

1. Your pets physical health.

Regularily scheduled grooming sessions help tremendously with physical health, in fact it's preventative care for many different problems.

For example; clipping nails on a monthly schedule prevents spine problems and keeps your dog walking healthy, keeping the coat brushed out and without tangles helps to prevent skin problems.

If anything abnormal is starting to happen to your dog's skin, it's usually seen first during regular scheduled grooms! It's not unheard of for the groomer to be the first to notice something that requires veterinary attention.

2. Your pets mental health

A pet that has regular salon visits likely views it as a part of life! Pets on a regular grooming schedule aren't stressed or scared, and love their pampering session.

A dog that is brought into the salon once or twice a year in bad condition will think of the experience as terrifying! Especially if the dog is in rough unkept shape. It's dangerous for the pet and the groomer to be working on scared, unsocialized dogs.

A pet that knows how to act on the table is far less likely to be hurt in the salon, but an animal that is scared of the equipment and scared of handling is at risk of injury.

3. Your groomers schedule

If your groomer is good, it's likely you're not the only client wanting to book!

A groomer can only do so many dogs in a day, so prebooking and sticking to a schedule helps to make sure your dog is always able to be groomed no matter the season.

4. Your pet can look their best year round!

Staying on schedule means you can have any style you want without fear of knots! If your pet is knotted, the groomer will have to do styles that remove those knots (like shaving!!).

If you want a long beautiful coat, you need frequent appointments to prevent knots, and those appointments have to continue year round.

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