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Salon de toilettage Bonejour fall 2020 update

This morning I sent this email out to all clients, due to getting marked as spam by some client emails I’m posting it to Instagram and also my website later:

Salon de toilettage Bonejour is moving for October 2020!

The salon will be remaining in the plateau mont royal, but will be in it's own individual location at 4490 rue fabre.

This location will help me to further work with my clients with anxiety issues as this space is large enough that clients can stay and reassure their pets with separation anxiety if needed.

This move will also create a much more calm and quiet environment as there will just be me and your pet in the environment if you choose to not be present for the groom.

I will be continuing to work one-on-one with all pets to ensure a low stress environment where I can monitor your pets for behavior changes and modify my grooming techniques to each pet's individual needs.

If you have multiple dogs it will still be okay to drop them off together, there will be more than enough room to have them together.

This type of environment where only one family of dogs is present also decreases your pets chances of picking up bacteria/fungus, parasites like fleas or worms, being bitten or urinated on by other dogs and greatly reduces the chance of injuries due your pet being scared by noises during the grooming process.

With this move it has become very obvious that the salon rate needs to change to fit the type of service that I provide, and so over the next few months the salon rate will gradually increase to $1/minute, and clients will be at this rate by the end of february 2021 (New clients accepted as of september will e introduced at the new rate).

This rate will be inclusive of all products and services (Keratin treatments, skin treatments, creative color, nail filing and tooth brushing will now all be included).

Clients that prebook their appointments for the year, and clients that stick to an every 3-4 week schedule will have a reduced rate of $55/hour as a thank you for keeping their pets well maintained and on a schedule that reduces anxiety around the grooming process.

I'm well aware that this is a significant jump from the salons current rate of $45/hour, however it is also necessary in order to continue to provide as many specialty services (handstripping, hand scissor trims, show trims, large/extra large breeds, anxious/aggressive dogs and desensitization services) as I do.

These services take a large toll on my body, and if I continue performing these services at a low rate and at six days a week I can guarantee you that I will not be grooming at all within the next five years.

This is the only salon in the plateau mont royal and all of montreal that operates a low stress one-on-one environment and offers all of these specialty services, it is also the only salon run by a certified master stylist, certified canine esthetician, and numerous other certifications making this truly a unique environment.

This price increase is about career longevity, skill level and salon expenses and I hope everyone can recognise the need for a higher price point for the salon as it will guarantee I'll be around to provide a quality service to you and your pets for many more years.

By comparison in the pet industry local dog walkers charge $40/hour, and dog trainers are between $60-120/hour and neither professional has the expenses that come with running a salon in 2020 and so I think it's very logical to increase the salon rate to be in line with similar services and inflation.

If you have any questions or concerns about this move and the price increase I'm available anytime to answer any questions, if you need suggestions of how we can decrease your pets groom time I'm open to suggesting ways that this can be accomplished.

I want to say a huge thank you to my clients for taking the time to read this and for understanding these changes and why they're needed to continue.

I hope to see everyone at the salon's new location in October, but I also understand if the new location and new pricing will be an issue for some.

Thank you so much,

-Shona Shannon

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