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Puppy intro's matter more than you think!

A calm confident dog gets a better cut than one that's running around and scared of the equipment!

During your puppies grooming sessions we treat them like training and socialization sessions more than grooming sessions.

The puppy needs to be introduced to all equipment in a positive and calm manner, while utilizing positive reinforcement and counter conditioning techniques.

It's important that we teach them how to stand confidently on the table! A pup that's running around, spinning or afraid of equipment is more likely to be injured, and that's the last thing we want!

We need to keep in mind the amount of stimulation around the salon, every new noise can have a positive or negative reaction on your puppies groom. We want puppies to have a positive experience with the groom, more importantly than a perfect cut.

The salon should be a stress free place, with controlled levels of stimulation so we can guarantee a fantastic time and a job well done 💖

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