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Handstripping! What is it? And why do we do it?

There's so many diffences for coat maintainance between clipped coats and handstripped coats! Not many people know much about stripped coats, so here's some info on what it is, and why it's done!

1. Handstripping keeps wire coats vibrant, gives the hair a coarse texture and makes the coat almost entirely self cleaning!

2. Because the coat is self cleaning, over washing can change a handstripped coat. A handstripped coat works best when it has the natural oils built up. Just brush at home!! 3. Hand stripped dogs should be in the salon just as regular as any other dog. All dogs should be on a regular salon schedule to prevent stress and discomfort. It's something that needs to be lifelong, and a part of every day life.

4. Handstripping should never be a painful process. If handstripping is painful to the dog, it's not being done properly. Salon visits should always be pain and stress free!

5. A handstripped dog should never have clippers or shears used! Clippers and shears change the hair and make the coat unable to be stripped in the future. If a groomer shaves a handstripped dog, it'll take many many years to get the proper texture and color back. For many dogs it's then a stressful process and unnecessary, so the proper color and texture are gone forever.

6. Handstripping is done entirely by plucking dead hair from the follicles. In each follicle there is three types of hair growth at any given time, so by plucking out the oldest hair we end up showing the coats true vibrant color.

would you like to book a consultation for your handstripped dog? Send me a message for more information

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