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Grooming lessons! Introductory price and information

Happy Friday to everyone out there reading this in real time!

Before I start this post, I just want to give a big "Thank you" to all the people who have recently inspired me to start giving lessons.

It's been more than a weekly request where local groomers have asked for my help, or have inquired as to why I'm not doing this already.

I haven't exactly been happy with what I've witnessed local schools teaching, so instead of being critical I want to educate and and uplift the industry. We should all be striving towards helping each other and creating a great team of Montréal groomers!

Thank you to everyone who has recently inspired me to offer classes to my clients and fellow groomers alike 💖

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's get talking....

As a "Thank you" I'd like to start off these classes with special introduction pricing in exchange for feedback, reviews and testimonials.

Coat care classes for pet owners will be $35 a session and come with a free sample of brush spray (while supplies last).

The coat care classes are meant to be a tool to prevent damage, matting and skin irritation, and will give you the techniques possible to make your dog love the process!

This class is made in hopes that the participant will use the techniques properly to avoid their pet ever needing to be shaved due to matting.

This will keep your pet in better shape, making salon visits quicker, and guaranteeing you'll never have to pay additional brushing charges.

The lessons for groomers will also be at an introductory rate of $35 per hour, with a two hour minimum for most subjects.

The lessons are not for non groomers, but shadow days will be available for people who want to know what grooming will be like before attending school.

Special half day and full day rates are available, message for more information on the grooming classes.

Introductory pricing available for sessions booked between November 23 2019 and December 24 2019, prebook your session to save big and learn! Pricing will increase after Derember 24th 2019.

To close this post, I'd just like to say another big thank you to everyone who is currently inspiring me, to the people who have shown interest in these classes and to the people that will book them! You're appreciated 💖


-Pet Styling by Shona

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