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Donations for Chez Doris

As everyone knows, the holidays are quickly approaching and appointments are filling up!

I want to do something a little different for the holidays this year and hope all my clients can take note of this!

During this time of year typically starting at the end of October I start receiving lots of gifts of sweets!

I absolutely adore the thought that goes into these gifts, but sugar causes me huge amounts of joint inflammation to the point I can't work without pain.

Instead of gifting me these sweets I would love if you could instead bring a donation that will be given to people in need.

I have tons of little makeup bags I'll be trying to fill and then donating to Chez Doris this holiday season.

Instead of gifting me some sweets this holiday season please consider bringing something I can add to these little bags for women in need 🎁 Toilettries, gloves, lip balm, little gift cards for coffee, everything that can brighten someone's holiday accepted ❤️

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