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Big announcement and changes!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

First off, I want to start this post by thanking Zouvrac for having me over the past year. I've learned a lot, grown a lot, and am now officially ready for the next adventure and a new beginning in my career. It's been a fabulous year with lots of obstacles, and I'm so excited and ready for a new set! As of October 2019, I'll be opening BoneJourMTL! Yes, I'm opening my own little salon! Due to legalities, I'm unable to contact clients individually about this or else it falls under solicitation of clients. If you have made a file at Zouvrac, then under the law you're a client of Zouvrac and I cannot contact you, even if we have a friendly relationship outside of the salon, talk on instagram, or any other contact. To help spread the word, I would hugely appreciate if you would LIKE, and COMMENT, on this post in your news feed and SHARE with your friends, or anyone that you know uses my grooming services, or is in need of a new groomer. There will be some changes to the way I'm grooming. I'll be accepting multiple dogs at the same time so that I'm able to give the dogs and myself breaks throughout the day. Personally, I think it's very essential for the dogs and the human caregivers to get breaks. When we work one-on-one there's only a specific amount of time booked for each dog and it's next to impossible to give a dog that's struggling with grooming a break, which causes a distrust in the process because then we need to push through to be on time for the next client. When the human caring for the dog can't take a break and is rushing to get the job done, stress hormones in the body rise and the dogs sense this and the dog becomes uncomfortable, making the process even more difficult. In humans physiologically, when this is an everyday type of schedule it can quickly cause adrenal fatigue, because you're always on high alert, rushing, unable to catch your breathe because there's only so much time for every dog. This leads to many problems when a salon is laid out in this kind of schedule, and for myself I know it's not sustainable. Others can work in this way, but I can't. For scheduling, this is how the new system will work: "Dog A" comes in at 9am, "Dog B" comes in at 9:30, by the time "Dog B" comes in, "Dog A" will be done getting prepped and will be able to have a rest in a bed with some water. When "Dog B" is done getting prepped, "Dog A" will be done having a break and will be ready for the finishing work. "Dog A" and "Dog B" will be finished within two hours of their arrival still, but won't be so overwhelmed after the process because they've had breaks and could acclimate to the environment. If you would still like 1-on-1 service where your dog is the only dog it's possible, but it's a flat rate of $1/minute for the entire time your dog is in the salon. No walk in services will be taken while your dog is being groomed, no other dogs will be coming in, the only thing I'll be doing at this time is grooming your dog. With this new system I'm not looking to have ten dogs lined up in cages waiting, just between 1-3 being in progress, getting breaks and not having to rush straight through a dog. The goal is to have a low stress environment for your dog and myself. Having multiple dogs in the salon will also give me the opportunity to hire someone to help me prep the dogs, further relieving the demands of the day and making it possible to not have such a giant wait list. (Yes! I'll be looking for an assistant to teach who will hopefully groom!!!) Pricing and booking will be changing At this moment, I have online scheduling all set up and ready for appointments! I won't be stopping throughout the day to answer the phone because your pets are important to me and they're my priority when they're in the salon, the phone whether it be a shop phone or cell phone is not my priority when I'm grooming the dogs. Instead, you can prebook all of your appointments online, or I can book them in person when you pick up your pooch! At the end of the grooming day I'll return all calls in regards to booking and schedule the appointments then. I find ringing phones can be dangerous while I'm scissoring your pets faces, so the less ringing is truly better and safer when keeping a calm and safe environment. To book your dogs next appointment online you can click this link and start yourself an online file: In the online booking system you'll notice it may be a little more complicated then before, but it's to calculate the most accurate price for each pet. There's base prices for each size of dog, for either haircut or bath. If you have a small dog who is getting a haircut, click on the option that says "Toilettage complete- petite", once you've clicked on your option, it'll bring you to a menu of add on services. If you get a breed specific trim, a teddy bear trim, an Asian fusion style or something specific other than a simple shave-down, then you need to add this in the "Add on" section. This will calculate more time and add an additional few dollars onto the base price for the additional styling time. I'm also now going to be offering upgraded shampoos, a charcoal scrub, a keratin treatment, toothbrushing and many more options. You can select these in the add on section, they are an additional price. Here are the biggest price changes: One-on-one service will be $1/minute All handstripping clients will be a flat rate of $50/hr of strip time, because not all handstrip dogs are bathed at every appointment baths for handstrip dogs will be an additional $30 on top of the strip time. Small dogs in short trims will be starting at $55, detailed trims will be starting at $70 Medium dogs in short trims will starting at $65, detailed trims will start at $80 Large dogs in short trims will start at $85, detailed trims will start at $100 For some clients this is a major change, and I do apologize. To continue to offer the level of quality and utilize top professional products on your pets I have to charge accordingly. I hope you can see the value provided and the care that goes into making each one of your pets look and feel fabulous every time! I do however have a special offer for my clients! You can keep your original prices by helping to invest in BoneJourMTL's startup. If you would like to keep your previous price, you can pre-pay for your upcoming appointments for up to the first year in business. You won't receive my price increase for the appointments you prepay for, you'll save on the taxes, and when your pup is done you can just grab and go without hassle. If this interests you and you'd like to prepay for your dogs appointments, figure out how many you would like to prepay for, what the total would be, message me, and send an email transfer to As a thank you for investing in your favorite groomer, your pup will receive the royal treatment (when don't they) and receive a complimentary Spaw package with their first groom at BoneJourMTL. This greatly helps out while I'm so close to being open and minimises the amount I'll be requesting in loans and grants to properly set up all the little things. And speaking of little things, I have several small to medium things I need for the salon, that could be of no use to you! Do you have old towels you don't need? A baby gate? A shower liner you don't use? gifted a bluetooth speaker you'll never use? Let me know! I have a growing list on amazon with many items being ones that possibly are no longer a use in your home. ( Thank you so much for reading all of this until the end, I appreciate your business and loyalty, your trust and your continued support. If you've been happy with my services and you're excited about this salon opening I would love if you could like this post, tag a friend to let them know I'm moving, share the news, and of course rate BoneJourMTL on google! I would not be anywhere without any of my fabulous clients, so I really want to give you a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are the absolute best! Thank you!

-Shona Shannon (BoneJourMTL)

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