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Bonejour is a low stress grooming environment that takes pride in offering a one-on-one spa service for dogs at 4490 rue fabre.
Due to working individually with all pets, clients are charged an hourly rate of $50/hr for grooming services. The price is all inclusive of products and styling.

The salon is a one-on-one environment created to help and work with dogs who may be anxious or scared in a multiple dog environments. 
This type of salon greatly reduces the chance of your dog picking up parasites, bacteria, or fungus that could be passed dog to dog due to strict cleaning between each client. 
*Not currently accepting new clients*

Certified Master Stylist with Intellectual Groomers Association
Member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America
Low Stress Handling Silver Certified 
Walks and Wags Pet First Aid Certified
Member of the Association of Holistic Pet Professionals
Certified Canine Esthetician
Nominated "up and coming canadian groomer of the year" 2019 in the Canadian Grooming Industry Awards

1st place novice poodles mastergroom 2019
1st place novice asian fusion mastergroom 2020

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New Client Application

Want your dog groomed at Bonejour?
Apply to be a new client!

Are you interested in your dog being groomed at Bonejour?
Fill out this application and when a position opens up you'll be contacted. Currently the salon's client list is at capacity, when a regular client decides they would no longer need services at bonejour potential new clients will be contacted.
Clients must agree to a regular schedule for their dogs coat type and style preference. 
(Handstrip dogs, curly coated breeds in fluffy stylized trims, and puppies all require monthly appointments. 
Dogs in medium/short lengths should be on a schedule of every 6-8 weeks. Shedding breeds should be on a maintenance schedule of every 4-6 weeks to prevent impacted coat and skin problems.)

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